Evolving Faith

06.23.19 | Greg Washington

Pastor Greg Washington kicks off Summer at Life Church by giving us a closer look at Peter's faith journey. He focused in on the fact that Peter did not worship God because of the reward, he worshipped God because of the revelation.

Surviving The Drought

06.30.19 | Dylan Johnston

"The promise of providence is linked to the principle of priority." Summer at Life Church continues as Pastor Dylan speaks to those who may be experiencing a drought. He challenges us to not be taken aback by our limitations but use them as an invitation for God to work His miracles.

Marvelous Faith

07.07.19 | Aaron Cole

This weekend Pastor Aaron focuses on a story that took place as Jesus stopped what he was doing and marveled at the faith of a Roman soldier. What would our lives look like if Jesus was amazed by our faith?

Life On Purpose

07.14.19 | Aaron Cole

In this week's message, Pastor Aaron focuses on purpose. He takes us deep into scripture and reminds us that because we are more than conquerors nothing can take away the purpose God has placed on our lives.

Goosebump Christianity

07.21.19 | Dylan Johnston

This weekend Pastor Dylan had us look at the life of Paul and discusses how our feelings are great gauges but terrible guides. In the midst of imprisonment, Paul shifts his perspective and finds purpose in his prison.

Who Do You Think You Are

07.28.19 | Dustin Johnston

This weekend Pastor Dustin challenges us to take a good hard look inward. Where do we get our identity from? Is it from heaven and the voice of God or is it from somewhere else a bit closer to earth?


08.04.19 | Greg Washington

Trusting God seems easy, but we often let our anxiety push us to our limits. In this message, Pastor Greg Washington reminds us to look to Christ as our source of supply. He reminds us to step back, RELAX, and let God take control.

The Glory of God

08.11.19 | Greg Washington

"The Glory of God is the ability to see the beauty of God in any and every situation." Pastor Greg Washington brought a powerful message this past weekend as he spoke of God's glory. He reminded us that God's glory is magnified when we can see the possibility in the midst of the impossible.

Give Up

08.18.19 | Aaron Cole

Pastor Aaron sets the vision for what is to come in the next season of Life Church. He touches on the subject of how to trust God's ability to produce in your life more than your own.

When You Don't Know

08.25.19 | Aaron Cole

We often find ourselves in moments of uncertainty. We question if our decisions are God's will or our own. Pastor Aaron walks us through these questions where we wonder how we can trust God when we sometimes can't even trust ourselves.

Shackled & Shipwrecked

09.01.19 | Aaron Cole

In the middle of your storm, God is faithful. Pastor Aaron touches on the subject of finding stability when all hope seems lost. 

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