5.17.20 | Aaron Cole

In the book of Romans, Paul unpacks what it means to have the seal of approval from God. Learn more about this as Pastor Aaron kicks off our new sermon series.

Faith in an Unwavering God

5.25.20 | Dylan Johnston

True faith is recognizing reality while trusting in God’s sovereignty. Here, Pastor Dylan continues our series, Seal of Approval. He reminds us that our approval comes from God because life is not about what we can’t do but about what God can do.


5.31.20 | Aaron Cole

Pastor Aaron continues our series, Seal of Approval, by showing us how Paul unpacks the benefits we have through a right relationship with Christ.


6.7.20 | Aaron Cole

Pastor Aaron concludes our series Seal of Approval. He takes a look at four "kings" that have reigned in mankind: sin, death, grace and life. Which of these kings is ruling in your life?

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