Throughout history, the Church has always used art and creative mediums to share the Gospel. At Life Church we believe that technology is the "stained glass" of the modern era. It's how we tell the story. As our campuses continue to grow, we are always looking to give more people opportunities to play a part in sharing the story of Jesus. Our production team is a great one to be involved in.


This is software we use at all campuses to run the service. All the worship lyrics, sermon slides, videos, timers and clocks are controlled by this easy-to-use software. Think of it like PowerPoint, but without the bugs. Very little training is required to run this software, you just need to have the gift of following along with our worship team and communicators to make sure things happen.

We use lighting to create the mood we want in service. Typically this a person serving in this position gets to walk in for service and immediately dive right into the worship set with the band. By pressing a single button or touching a single fader, they control the mood the service needs. Everything is always preset by our staff to make sure the person serving in this role just has to follow along. Of course, there is room to go deeper and really delve into the various lighting consoles and softwares we use.

Our Germantown Campus is our broadcast campus. We always need people behind the cameras to make sure our online campus receives a dynamic worship service. This role is probably the easiest place to start at for someone with little experience in the area of live production.

The director runs all the cameras at our Germantown Campus. They call the shots and tell the cameras where to go for both live in the room as well as for our online campus. There is a larger learning curve in this role, but it's one of the most involved for those who like to feel like they are constantly doing something. Every second counts with this one.

All of our campuses use digital soundboards which actually makes running things super efficient and easy. If you have a good ear and want to share it with the whole church, we would encourage you to step into this role. It may have a steeper learning curve than all our other positions, but we know that audio is subjective and there might just be someone who hears something no one else has heard that should be behind our various audio desks.

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