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Under the guidelines of government officials, Life Church will have in-person services beginning June 13/14. However, things will be different than usual. While we cannot guarantee a germ-free environment, we are taking steps to help prevent transmission of COVID-19. You can read more about those by clicking the button below.


Life Church Family,

As you are aware, on Wednesday afternoon the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the Safer at Home order, essentially reopening the state of Wisconsin.  Since then, local municipalities have implemented their own guidelines, and businesses have reacted accordingly.

The question for us as a church is, “When can we safely and responsibly resume in-person gatherings?”  We have been working very hard to gather data and put together a plan to answer that question.  In fact, we’ve had a tentative plan for about a month now, but it has gone through several iterations.  As of right now, we do not feel prepared to throw a date out and make any sort of announcement.  But we do want you to know that we feel confident a date will be set soon, and we will communicate it to you at that time.  

I want to caution you, however, that the decision has several layers to it, and we are considering all of them:


  1. We know there are people who feel strongly that we should reopen today.  We also know that there are some who won’t return for several more months, if ever, because they or someone they love is more vulnerable to this virus.  They may see a quick reopening as irresponsible.  We risk disappointing many people no matter what we decide.  As your pastor, I ask that you have grace and understanding for both ends of this sentiment.  Those who want to meet immediately are not more spiritual or less wise. Those who want to stay home for awhile are not more wise or less spiritual.  It’s going to be a personal decision, and we respect both sentiments.

  2. This is not just a religious freedom issue.  If that were the case, we would have never closed our doors.  The world is watching how the church responds, and we want our response to be full of understanding and full of love.  We feel a responsibility to do our part, within reason, to not further the spread of this virus.  We understand many of our people have been impacted significantly by this virus, and we want to make sure we are acting responsibly so we do not exacerbate the impact.

  3. We want the in-person church experience to be high quality before we reopen.  While some restrictions are fine, we want to make sure we don’t have such a restrictive gathering that most people would prefer to stay home.  So we want to be able to have a very thoughtful reopening, and that may take more than a few days to ensure.  We know it’s going to look different at first, and slowly normalize as safety recommendations loosen.  For example, our first few weeks of meeting together will not include Life Kids services, we will have capacity restrictions, and offering/communion/greeting will look different, just to name a few.

  4. We have 4 locations in 4 different counties.  That has added a layer of complication to the decision-making process.  For example, not every campus could be open right now legally because of local restrictions.  But as we saw yesterday, those local restrictions are beginning to change day by day.

This is an interesting time to be a local church pastor.  I can relate to the Israelites when they wanted to leave Egypt.  They complained that the desert was hard and uncomfortable, and they were right.  But God had a purpose for it.  I believe God has a purpose for this season.  He is not caught off guard at all.  We’ve seen people make decisions for Christ while watching right in their living room.  We’ve seen the church step up and distribute 37,000 meals around our communities.  The church has continued to be the church not just on Sunday, but every day of the week.  

Don’t get me wrong, we miss you deeply, and look forward to seeing you again.  The good news is that I believe that will be possible very soon.  In the meantime, let’s continue to be the church.  Let’s be patient with each other.  Let’s be respectful of all people.  And let’s pray that people would be drawn to Jesus through this crisis.

I hope to see you very soon!


Aaron Cole, D. Min.

100,000 MEALS

We are providing hope to Wisconsin by distributing food, toiletries and cleaning products.


Life Church has been monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and will adhere to the Governor’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) recommendations by gathering exclusively online.


Life Church will be moving all weekend services to online only until further notice. In an effort to comply with all COVID-19 (Coronavirus) recommendations from our state and city officials, we are canceling all ministry events at all of our physical locations. We will continue to monitor the situation day by day, and hope to resume normal weekend services at our locations as soon as we are able.


We know that the church isn’t a physical building, but rather God’s people! Though church services may look different in this season, we know we serve a God who never changes. As a church we will continue to stay connected and encouraged during this time.


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